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The birth place of the Tyrolean freedom fighter Andreas Hofer (1767 – 1810) is housed at the Sandhof in St. Leonhard in Passeier in the Museum Passeier.
In the storehouse on the level above the apartment where he lived, you can find an extensive collection with exhibits from the region (traditional costumes, furniture, artefacts, customs, transport, crafts, and personalities).
The outdoor museum consists of a number of buildings from the 16th to 19th centuries, a typical Passeier farmhouse, as well as a Heart of Jesus chapel (1899) and the Holy Grave Chapel (1691).

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French cemetery
In November 1809, 1200 French soldiers battled against the inhabitants of the Passeier Valley.  After five disastrous battles, the fight stopped with the capitulation of the French.  Beside 22 locals, 230 French soldiers lost their lives and were buried on a plot at the Western edge of the village.

In the upper valley, Pfistrad is located at an altitude of 1,350 metres above sea level and is home to a living Alpine meadow museum.  In what it most likely the oldest wooden building in South Tyrol, you can admire exhibits about Alpinism, Alpine agriculture and living in the Middle Ages.

Pfandler Alm
In Prantach, just above St. Martin, at an altitude of 1,350 metres you will find the Pfandler Alm, which was one of Andreas Hofer’s hiding places.
Together with his family, he stayed about six weeks in this place.  On 28th January 1810, he was taken captive and transported to Bozen and Mantua where he was shot.
The original Alpine hut burnt down in 1919.  It was re-built in 1984 by the Passeier marksmen at its original site.

The French cemetery and the Jaufenburg in St. Leonhard, as well as the Alpine Museum in Pfistrad are under the administration of the Museum Passeier.

Bunker Mooseum
This rock building from the 1940s houses a historical and contemporary exhibition, as well as an information centre of the Texel Group Nature Park.  The outdoor facility is a great attraction, where you can watch numerous ibexes jumping acrobatically from rock to rock.