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Bozen is the provincial capital of South Tyrol and the seat of the Federal Government, as well as the South Tyrolean Parliament.  Since 1964, Bozen is the bishop’s seat of the then newly created Diocese of Bozen-Brixen.  Bozen consists of five districts: several historic town quarters, as well as formerly independent villages.  Originally, the historic Bozen came in two parts: the Zollstange and the Wangergasse areas in the historic centre, i.e. today the area between Talfer and Eisack river.
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Ötzi Museum (Archaeological museum)
The world-famous 5,000 year old glacier mummy invites you to an interesting journey of discovery in the Archaeological museum in Bozen.  In 1998, the Federal Museum for Archaeology was established and documented about Ötzi, the ‘Iceman‘ as well as about Pre-historic and Early historic eras in South Tyrol, ranging from the last Ice Age (15,000 B.C.) to the times of Charlemagne (around 800 A.D.)

Messner Mountain Museum
The probably most beautiful ‘Messner Mountain Museum‘, MMM Firmian at Castle Sigmundskron just above Bozen, exhibits in relation to the subject of Men and Mountains.  It presents you with objects of art, installations and reliquia from all parts of the world.  The individual trails, steps and towers depict the development of our mountains, tell about the religious importance of its summits as a help in orientation and a bridge into the ‘other world’.  In this museum, the South Tyrolean mountaineer Reinhold Messner tells the story of mountaineering and Alpine tourism of our times.