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Fly fishing in the Passiria Valley surrounded by the most beautiful natural scenery


Except for a small stretch, the mountain stream that flows through the Passiria Valley, the Passirio, is a pristine fly fishing destination. With its variable course, featuring deep blue pools, raging rapids and gently flowing sections, surrounded by an imposing alpine backdrop, the Passirio offers ideal conditions for every angler, whether beginner or advanced.

The Passirio is a paradise for fly fishermen, especially in spring and autumn.

Fly fishing destinations in the Passiria Valley

Two of the most prized fly fishing spots along the Passirio are zone C and zone A1. Furthermore, fishing is possible in three mountain lakes near the Timmelsjoch.

Zone C is approximately 10 km long and extends from Granstein to the dam in Gomion. Spanning this entire stretch of water, fishing is only permitted with soft hooks and marble trout must be released and not taken.

Zone A1 is a section of the Plan stream, in the rear Passiria Valley. It is a small, clear mountain stream with good fish stocks. Also in this location, fishing is only permitted with soft hooks and marble trout must be released and not taken.

Here you can find up to date information on the water sections.

The Passirio always offers generous catches of brown trout, rainbow trout and even the “queen”, the prized marble trout.

The 3 mountain lakes in the Passiria Valley – Lago dell’Alpe, Lago Nero di Tumulo and piccolo Lago Nero
The three fishable mountain lakes in the Passiria Valley also offer good alternative fly fishing options. Reached by a short to medium hike, you can hardly believe your eyes when you see the mirror-smooth deep blue lakes, surrounded by massive mountain peaks. And when you see the beautifully coloured Arctic char jump from the crystal clear water, you almost forget to swing your rod in awe.

Information about fishing in the Passirio

Start of season:
the Sunday following the second Saturday in February (i.e. between February 9th and 15th depending on the calendar year)

End of season:
October 31st

Day-pass prices:
From € 45 to € 60

Our house guests receive all common tickes directly at the reception.

Ticket offices:
the tourist information offices of San Martino and San Leonardo in Passiria.

Basic requirement for fishing in South Tyrol:
Italian state permit

€ 35

10 years

As a passionate fly fisherman, Lukas is always available for information on fly fishing in the Passirio and Passiria Valley. Simply send an email to: (to the attention of Lukas).